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Lady Arpels Pont des Amoureux was introduced in 2010 with two retrograde displays. The lovers would meet at 11:59 every day twice for a minute. The original movement, a Jaeger LeCoultre caliber 846 with a module by Jean-Marc Wiederrecht from Agenhor, was manually wound. The watch is now combined with a series of Extraordinary Dials. A complete collection shows the couples in different variations, including daytime, nighttime, and seasons. Extraordinary Dials tell the stories of other famous couples from Tristan and Isolde, to Ulysses & Penelope.

The dial of one of the pieces from the Extraordinary Dials Collection features the union of lovers using a variety of artistic techniques. (Rolex DateJust Replica).

The Pont de Amoureux Retrograde pieces are available in both daytime and evening depictions. They come in 38mm white-gold cases with diamond bezels and crowns. The nighttime dial uses classic grisaille enamel. This is done using white "blanc de Limoges", enamel powder, on a dark dial. The dial is adorned with white gold bridges and lovers. However, it's the daytime dial that has been modernized and revived the classic grisaille style.

The dial is decorated with colored enamels in pink and blue shades against a background of white to create the illusion of a false sunrise. This gives the same contrasts that grisaille brings, but in a soft color. The traditionalists may be offended and claim that it is no longer grisaille, which means grayness in French. Rolex DateJust Replica, however, reminds us of Omega Constellation Replica's painting Red Flower. It did indeed feature colored grisaille.

In fact, the style refers to any technique of painting where transparent colors are painted over a monotone background. Van Cleef doesn't break the rules here, but just bends them slightly. It's important to note that Van Cleef is among the first brands in recent years to use colored enamel.

These watches are also available in a fully jeweled version, with a chain-link strap set with diamonds and versions for each of the four seasons. These variations feature an enameled dial with gold sculpted details and miniature paintings to show the colors associated with each season. The bracelets are also dazzling with floral patterns and the same dial patterns.

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