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The changes are not limited to the dials. The brand has added cams that record the time for those who are unhappy with their lovers only meeting twice a week for a minute-long encounter. A pusher located on the left side of the case also allows you to trigger a 10 second encounter whenever you want.

The midnight and midday rendezvous are now extended into a three-minute French kiss instead of a 60-second rendezvous. The watch will reset to 12:03 at the end of a kiss. This is a nice addition for the lovers. Why 3 minutes? Some relationship experts, like Susan Winter, say that it should be between 30 seconds and 3 minutes at least when in public. (www.replicatimepiece.com.

Agenhor has developed a new automaton module to be used with the "Lover's on a Bridge", Pont des Amoureux series. Johann Sauty. On the left are the gears for the automaton-on-demand, and in the middle is the automaton function.

According to the brand, a new base was developed to accommodate these functions. It also features a micro-rotor that is cleverly hidden beneath the sapphire, with the two lovers in the enamel traced under the crystal using a technique developed by its dial printing techniques. The new movement has 339 components compared to the 171 in the original.Replica Patek Philippe Watches It is a ValFieurier base with an Agenhor module.

The brand also presented at the Paris premiere of its new Pont des Amoureux collection, a man's version in a 42mm case in Midnight, without diamonds but with a masculine style thanks to the careful micro-sculpting. Collectors can purchase the watch if they want a little Replica Patek Philippe Watches whimsy, but without all the bling. It's produced only on a Made to Order Basis, and it will be available only from next June.

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