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Each seasonal watch has a hollow link bracelet with 734 stones and 143 gold elements. It is hinged at the bottom of the bracelet, not the top, so that it does not catch on hair or skin. Each half-bracelet is made up of 877 pieces, including 734 gemstones and 143 gold components. The hollow links let light pass through from both sides.

The watches are packaged in a specially-designed sycamore case, which depicts the Pont Neuf where they meet. For those who purchase the complete set of four seasons, they will receive a four-piece case. Details: Each depiction is set on a unique bridge in Paris. The couple on each dial variant also wears a different outfit.

The changes are not limited to the dials. The brand has added cams that record the time for those who are unhappy with their lovers only meeting twice a week for a minute-long encounter. A pusher located on the left side of the case also allows you to trigger a 10 second encounter whenever you want.

The midnight and midday rendezvous are now extended into a three-minute French kiss instead of a 60-second rendezvous. The watch will reset to 12:03 at the end of a kiss. This is a nice addition for the lovers. Why 3 minutes? Some relationship experts, like Susan Winter, say that it should be between 30 seconds and 3 minutes at least when in public. (Rolex Day Date Replica.

Agenhor has developed a new automaton module to be used with the "Lover's on a Bridge", Pont des Amoureux series. Johann Sauty. On the left are the gears for the automaton-on-demand, and in the middle is the automaton function.

According to the brand, a new base was developed to accommodate these functions. It also features a micro-rotor that is cleverly hidden beneath the sapphire,Patek Philippe Replica Watches with the two lovers in the enamel traced under the crystal using a technique developed by its dial printing techniques. The new movement has 339 components compared to the 171 in the original. It is a ValFieurier base with an Agenhor module.

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