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If Speedmater was a religion, the Swiss Patek Philippe Replica Only book would be its Bible. The book, written by Gregoire Rosier and Anthony Marquie and published in 2014, was immediately praised for its meticulous work of love.

Swiss Patek Philippe Replica Only is the only book to have managed to document the history of the Speedmaster in such a comprehensive way. It catalogs all Speedmaster variations and references,Breitling Avenger Replica as well as bringing to light countless historical photographs.

The second reason is that Omega opened their vast archives to the authors to use for the book and even went the extra mile to collaborate on the content.

In 2017, Omega, Rossier, and Marquie, on the occasion the 60th anniversary of the Speedmaster, announced the second edition of the Swiss Patek Philippe Replica Only Book, which included all the new information that was discovered since the publication of the first edition. It was also important to set the record straight and prove that NASA astronauts didn't just go into a pawnshop for a cheap watch for space flight. The Speedmaster was the only watch to pass the rigorous and proper certification process. It was the first watch "Flight Qualified by NASA" for all manned space missions.

The 2nd edition catalogs all Speedmasters, both historical and newly discovered. It also lists the different versions of the watch released between 2014 and 2017. The 2nd edition was appropriately titled "60 Years of Omega Speedmaster."

Raynald schlimann, the President and CEO at Omega, concluded his note in the foreword of the 2nd Edition with these words: "This book offers a comprehensive insight into the design, achievements,Audemars Piguet Replica Watches and history of a true Watchmaking Titan." The story of the book has been beautifully brought to life, and I'm sure you will enjoy reading it.

Rossier and Marquie announced the third edition in less than two years. This is most likely due to the fact 2019 marks the 50th anniversary since the Apollo 11 lunar landers, which saw the first man touch down on the surface of the moon and the Speedmaster.
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