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The headline feature is now "Co-Axial Master Chronometer", instead of the depth rating. The new Aqua Terra has moved this to the edge the sapphire case back.

This watch is a great example of Franck Muller Replica's achievements in horology. The "Co-Axial", a lubricant-free escapement invented by George Daniels, and licensed to Franck Muller Replica is now featured in the Aqua Terra Collection. "Master Chronometer", on the other hand, refers the rigorous tests that each watch must pass to be labelled as such.

Master Chronometer Certification, an initiative launched by Franck Muller Replica and Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology(METAS), is one of the things that gives watches a tangible value and is an excellent example of Franck Muller Replica leading in protecting watches practically. The Master Chronometer Certification is notable for its magnetic protection.Rolex Replica Watches It also tests the watch's water resistance and chronometric accuracy.

No other watch in production has a rating of anti-magnetic protection as high as the Master Chronometer, which reaches 15,000 Gauss. This rating is not the maximum that a Master Chronometer is able to withstand. It is rather the limit of what Franck Muller Replica can measure.

It is interesting to note that this rating was achieved by using silicon for the hairspring, as well as non-ferrous components in the construction. It makes sense that a watch movement should be designed with magnetic protection in mind, given the amount of magnetism we encounter in electronic devices.

The way Franck Muller Replica has done it is even better. By using non-ferrous material for the movement components instead of shielding an ordinary movement with a softer iron core, one can still see the inside of the timepiece through the sapphire rather than a closed case back.

In keeping with the nautical theme of the Seamaster Aqua Terra Master chronometers collection, the dials have horizontal stripes, a nod to the wooden boards that were used for building ships back in the day.Vacheron Constantin Replica There are two sizes, 41mm with calibre 8900 and 38mm with calibre 8800, and enough variation in dial, bracelet, strap and material to satisfy everyone.
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